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Art Law

So it comes about that right craftsmen of the law can discover that they have "been talking prose all their lives"—which means . . . that they have been doing legal poetry. They have been artists, they are artists, art is of the essence of their daily work.
-Karl Llewellyn

We are satisfied to do good legal work and make no pretense that it is either art or poetry—notwithstanding Clarence Darrow's belief that "inside every lawyer is the wreck of a poet." Darrow was neither a poet nor an artist but we can claim professional kinship with both Wallace Stevens and Henri Matisse, among others, who first trained as lawyers.

We represent a wide variety of those in the art world: art advisors, appraisers, art galleries, artists, auction houses, collectors, copyright holders, estates, financiers, lenders, nonprofits, private art dealers, and more. We know the law and we know, in a practical sense (John was, among other things, the general counsel of a major auction house), the way that the art world works. Among the many things we can help with are:

  • Transactions such as purchases and sales;
  • Loans, both of art and based on art as collateral;
  • Insurance and risk management;
  • Litigation over title, authenticity, and other matters;
  • Regulatory and related matters.